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About Us

We believe that eating is a right, not a privilege! We strive to educate our patients about the best care options available so that they can maintain their well-being.

As a denture clinic, we offer valuable services in fabricating your denture or partial. Thanks to our on-premise full service laboratory, we can reline and repair your denture or partial in a day. 

Lana Hinkle D.P.D.

Because her patients are her top priority, Lana focused her energy on setting up a practice where she can provide professional care and help to her patients. Her ability to help others fuels her passion and inspiration in continuing this line of work. She enjoys seeing the difference her care and service makes in their lives. From the happy smiles they wear, to enjoying meals with family and friends - it is a rewarding experience that not only drives Lana but her staff at Omni Denture as well. She finds tremendous fulfillment in helping our elderly population, veterans and the disabled. She even makes house calls!

In Lana's spare time, she enjoys beadworking, hiking, working out, traveling, cooking, and baking.

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