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Blessing M's Testimonial


Thank you for my Hollywood Smile Omni Denture and especially to Lana Hinkle! More beautiful than I ever expected!

Kathy M's Testimonial 


Omni Denture was excellent to work with!  Lana Hinkle was considerate and friendly making sure that I was always comfortable.  She explained everything to me and how the process was, including after the dentures were finished.  I had to go a year with a terrible fitting upper from a previous dentist that I was embarrassed to even be seen in public with and Lana was able to restore my confidence with perfect fitting dentures.  I know that all I have to do is call and they will get me right in if I need any adjustments.  Eugene, her front desk assistant is a pleasure to hear from when he calls to remind you of appointments and always has a smile on his face when you arrive.  I would recommend this office to anyone!!

Matea M's Testimonial 



You are such a wonderful and very caring person to your patients. You're very dedicated to your job. Outstanding customer service! Highly recommended to my family and friends who need dentures.

Debra D's Testimonial 

I am beyond excited to get my new teeth! You, Lana, are fabulous, and so is your staff! Thank you so much for making me smile again!

Don S's Testimonial 

We just love our Lana, she's the best! Thanks Lana, I'm no longer afraid to smile anymore.

Denise J's Testimonial 

Thank you! Lana, you have changed my life and my self-esteem. I'm blessed to have you do my full denture. I feel like a new woman. You are so wonderful! God bless you.

Don H's Testimonial 

Thank you so much Lana! You made me so happy. I can finally smile with teeth that fit my face! You and your staff are so very nice and considerate. I will tell everyone about you. Thank you!

Ian D's Testimonial 

Thank you Lana and staff, I'm very excited to share how your professional side really makes you want to come back. Lana has done a remarkable job on my partial and I would not be able to find a better doctor. I appreciate what you've done for me very much.

James J's Testimonial 

Thanks to you all here for the utmost pleasant experience ever at a dental facility! God bless!

Dwayne L's Testimonial 

Lana, thank you for being friendly and kind during the whole procedure. I was comfortable and it was worth the time. Thank you for giving me my smile back. Thanks again, you all were great!

Joanne N's Testimonial 

Lana, I appreciate you and your staff so much! You are all sweet, kind and very caring. I love that about you.

Debra G's Testimonial 

Smile! Like everyone else has said, you do good, very good work. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders that I have been carrying for almost 25 years. I have been told that "you are pretty, but you need your teeth fixed", and I was always keeping my mouth shut. Now I smile with pride. I feel so pretty and deserving, and others are smiling back at me. Thank you Omni Denture. Lana and staff are a gift from heaven, and blessings to all.

Heidi D's Testimonial 

Thank you to Lana and her entire staff. I'm so pleased with my dentures. I can't say enough great things about Omni, Lana and her staff. I have been treated with the utmost respect at every single visit. If anyone asks me about getting a beautiful smile, Omni will be my answer. Thank you again Omni for my beautiful smile, I love it.

Andrea D's Testimonial 

Lana, Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile. Omni Denture has given me my life back. Lana is absolutely amazing and I will recommend you to anyone looking for dentures.

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